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It is a subsidy catered for those who are poor or unemployed who cannot afford to pay for basic services it is given to a household per dwelling not an individual, the total gross monthly income of all member of the household must not exceed two state pensions.
Indigent Support Programme
  • ​Indigent support is provided to households whose monthly gross total income does not exceed two State pensions (R2400).
  • The main person applying for indigent must complete an application form which must be signed by the Ward Councillor or Commissioner of Oaths.
  • All supporting documents must be supplied.  
  • The applicant and occupants shall not own other fixed properties other than the one on which they reside.
  • There must be an existing water connection in the property.​​
Indigent Support Programme
  • The legal owner of a dwelling who is responsible for the payment of the water and sanitation services account must apply for the household to be registered as indigent.​
  • Application forms are available from any of the Water Services Offices within the Ugu District Municipality and can also be posted on request.
  • To bring this service closer to the people who need it most, Ugu Municipality, on annual basis, embarks on several road shows in rural communities, providing citizens with a convenient platform to lodge their indigent support applications and ask any related questions ​​
Indigent Support Programme
  • A certified copy of identity document of the applicant
  • Certified copies of identity documents and/or birth certificates of people living permanently in the same household
  • Proof of income e.g. bank statement, payslip, pension card/ slip, affidavit
  • Proof of residence e.g. lease agreement, Title deed, proof of residence obtained from the Ward Councillor, Rates Statement​
Indigent Support Programme
  • Submit through Ward Councillor
  • Submit personally to any of Ugu District Municipality offices.​
Indigent Support Programme
On approval of the application the Municipality shall provide the following Basic Municipal Services which include:
  • Access to a minimum safe water supply as determined by Council currently equivalent to 200lt of water per day ( 8 x 25 litres of water per day)
  • Adequate sanitation as determined by Council
  • Once off credit equivalent to the outstanding balance on the dwelling at the date of approval.
  • Where there are leaks after the meter or in the property, they may be attended to in terms of the by-laws S58 (4) (c) and the cost may be recovered from the Indigent Support allocation.​
Indigent Support Programme
NO. All beneficiaries have a responsibility to update the municipality whenever their economic status changes. Indigent support is cancelled immediately when the household income exceeds the qualifying criteria. Heavy Penalties are levies upon those individuals who knowingly attempt to defraud the system ​
Indigent Support Programme
  • To keep household water consumption within the allocated quantities.
  • To check and fix any visible leaks on the property. Consumers can also phone the Call Centre for assistance when unable to detect or fix the leak.
  • To enquire at least once a month on the balance owing on the account in case a proper invoice has not been received
  • To use water sparingly
  • To update the municipality about the household income status whenever there  are changes​
Indigent Support Programme
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​Water and Sanitation Rates are levied annually on property that can be connected to Water and Sanitation services, but not yet linked to the reticulation system.

Once the property is connecting to the water and sanitation reticulation, rates will fall away and monthly basic charge will be levied weather there is consumption or not.

Water/Sanitation Rates and Water Consumption