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​​​​​​Involves the coming together of different sectors of the economy including the private sector, public sector and civil society to identify resources, understand needs and formulate plans to make the local economy fully functional, investor friendly and competitively productive. ​


The responsibility and mandate of IED unit is to take active steps, through building strong Public Private Partnerships and promoting a process where all sectors of society can participate to ensure the overall economic and social conditions of the locality are conducive for business to thrive, for the creation of employment opportunities and improving the quality of life of residents. ​


The functions of the IED unit are administered through the following portfolios:

  • Manufacturing, Mining & Energy
  • Agriculture, Rural Development & Land Reform
  • Enterprise & Cooperatives Development
  • Research & Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism​


To uplift and improve the quality of life of Ugu's residents, especially the poor, vulnerable and marginalised through facilitating sustainable economic growth within the region.

​​​Who we are

General Manager - Economic Development and Environmental Services N/A
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039 688 5807Deidre.Rankin@ugu.gov.za
Manager: Local Economic DevelopmentN/A
Manager: Environmental HealthN/A
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039 688 5798Vasie.Manawer@ugu.gov.za