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​Environmental Management promotes sustainable utilization of natural resources for the benefit of the present generation without compromise the opportunity of the future generation to benefit from the same resources.

In the Ugu context, Environmental Management as a section seeks to promote  development that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable for our infrastructural projects (water and sanitation) and other developments in a manner that  recognises  and fulfils the rights of Ugu communities to a clean environment that is not harmful to their health and well being as enshrined in Section 24 of the Constitution. In order to realise the benefits of our rich natural resources, we partner with strategic sectors and organisations, community members, local  conservancies, public entities, private sector and individuals that add value to environmental governance.

 As a developmental local government, people and their needs are at the forefront of our concern in order for their physical, psychological, developmental, cultural and social Interests to be met equitably.

Our strategic focus areas

  • Integrated environmental management -  developing and implementing environmental frameworks and plans as tools for development decision-making
  • Natural resource management -  for the maintenance of the ecological integrity of ecosystems in order to enhance their functions for them to continue to render the ecosystems goods and services (EGS)
  • Compliance –  our projects must comply with requirements of regulatory authorities like Environmental Impacts Assessments, Atmospheric Emissions Licences, etc as well as the conditions of  authorizations, or duty of care undertakings
  • Community development  - job creation through EPWP-Environment and Culture Sector while improving environmental quality
  • Environmental Education and Awareness -  raising environmental awareness within various sectors and institutions of the community through various avenues like schools, faith based organisations, youth, women, local conservancies, tribal authorities, etc.

IGR Structures and Partnership forums

  • Ugu Environmental Education and Awareness Forum
  • Ugu Coastal Management Committee
  • Ugu Invasive Alien Species forum
  • Air Quality Management Forum
  • Integrated Pollution and Waste Management Forum

Contact information if available for publishing
Admin Contacts: Mrs Janine Blackbeard
Office number  +27 39 688 3539
E-mail: Janine.Blackbeard@ugu.gov.za

Manager contact and naming of department
Mrs Noloyiso Walingo
Manager: Environmental Management
Office number: +27 39 688 5794
E-mail: Noloyiso.Walingo@ugu.gov.za