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The Municipality is committed to providing a reliable and sustainable ICT environment that supports its goals and objectives, as defined in the Integrated Development Plan and ICT Strategy.

ICT services are classified into three categories: Application Development; Technical Services; and Enterprise Programmes.

  • Application Development - application programmes are provided to suit the user requirements and ensuring that these application programmes assist users in achieving their specific objectives as set out in the IDP, harmoniously, efficiently and timeously. Multiple business units’ use of single application programmes is being prioritized to ensure the best return on investment to the Municipality and uniformity.
  • Technical Services - the hardware, voice and network infrastructure that enables all departments to electronically communicate both internally and externally, are provided and maintained by ICT services.
  • Enterprise Programmes - all new requirements identified by the various departments within the Municipality are researched and developed, in conjunction with Application Development and Technical Services functions and existing applications maintained and managed.