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It was glitz and glam at the Ugu District Municipality’s exclusive Women’s Day celebration event hosted to honour the municipality’s women workers in the prestigious month of August, last Wednesday.

Over 250 women were treated to a lavish day of edutainment where staff members shared stories and advices through poetry, song and drama plays on women development and the importance of being a woman in today’s society. 

This event also served to remind the female employees about how the new dispensation has transformed the realm of women in South Africa over the years. Speaking at the event, the Municipal Manager Mr DD Naidoo conveyed his most sincere appreciation to the women workers who work hard in ensuring the municipality keeps to the mandate of delivering uncompromised services to the communities the municipality serves.

The Speaker of the Day, Manager Special Programmes, Ms Dudu Ngcobo in her address emphasized on the imperativeness of women workers to be growth-hungry and take advantage of available opportunities to better themselves. “Women need to realise that our country has an abundance of opportunities and women need to take advantage of them and improve their skills and knowledge. This will in turn create platforms for better employment therefore improving their income and address the district’s triple challenge scourge of poverty, unemployment and inequality.”

While the municipality hosts the Women’s Day celebrations to remember the bravest and fearless women of 1956 that gave birth to women’s emancipation today, the event is also intended to foster workers morale in the municipality in order to improve work performance among workers therefore ensuring the development of the organisation.

Ugu District Municipality promotes working together to create an environment that is friendly, responsive, accountable, effective and efficient for our communities.

‘Ugu District is Better Today than it was Yesterday.’
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