Sep 03
Our journey of improving the lives of our communities continues


Ugu District Municipality has made remarkable in-roads towards extending water and sanitation services to communities who had no access and provided economic opportunities by bringing jobs nearer to their areas of residence through our growth development initiatives. We still cannot stay at the comfort of these achievements as voices of the destitute communities are still echoing. And as a caring sphere of government, we shall ensure that no-one is left out and our leadership is resolute in ensuring a better life for all our communities to creating a better life for all.

Our task, going forward, is to continue to work tirelessly in addressing the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality.  It is for this reason that as part of our programme of action is to mobilize our resources towards poverty alleviation programmes as our collective response to the challenges faced by the communities. However, we need to change course as we continually strive to become an equitable, non-racial, prosperous, non-sexist, and just society. Shifting course will require commitment and dedication from all who make this district their home. Extraordinary efforts are demanded from all of us, to work towards building a more equitable society, where everyone is cared for and where none are neglected.

Our key focus has been that of accelerating service delivery of water and sanitation services to our communities and the eradication of poverty. And we are determined to overcome whatever challenges we encounter in pursuit of this noble course

Efforts to implement the Revenue Collection Strategy in a manner that builds confidence of residence continue as the people of Ugu District expect the Municipality to provide uninterrupted water and sanitation services which requires full cooperation of our residence towards the payment of municipal services rendered.

We are therefore making all strides towards mitigating risks; improvements of our billing systems; improvement of our water infrastructure and bettered municipal fiscal management which all culminated in us receiving a Qualified Audit Opinion from the Auditor-General. 

We also have not departed from our deliberate efforts to actively intervene on the plight faced by local small businesses through ring-fencing 30% of total procurement to Ugu District-based companies which will increase participation of local businesses to the economy of the District.  

The Municipality still places a high emphasis on the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) which is part of the municipality’s poverty alleviation programme tailored to absorb many of our communities into sustainable jobs. We have also adopted an aggressive approach to encourage establishment of cooperatives as an easy-to-create business entity that can help numbers of people to get out of the ranks of the unemployed to self-employment. 

Our journey continues, towards improving the lives of our communities through enhancing our efforts of delivering basic services and we reiterate our unwavering allegiance to the core imperatives of the Freedom Charter and proudly proclaim our readiness to accelerate the radical transformation of economy to bring about an equitable, just, and inclusive District.

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality