Feb 13
We remain resolute to improving the quality of audit outcomes


Ugu District Municipality acknowledges the work and support provided by Chapter 9 institutions such as Auditor General in strengthening our democracy through the execution of the important task of oversight, accountability, and good governance in the municipality.

It is through these institutions that the municipality can measure and reflect on its efforts of improving the lives of communities it serves.

Over the past fiscal years, the auditor general report has indicated a remarkable progression in audit opinions received by the municipality for the financial year 2015/16. And this has been achieved through implementation of stringent measures which were poised to deliver a clean audit outcome for the fiscal year 2016/17 which regrettably wasn't to be.

The latest audit outcomes for the financial year 2016/17 presented at council sitting of 25 January 2018 found that the Municipality has achieved a qualified audit outcome.

The Municipality has previously received a qualified audit opinion and the recent audit outcome came at a time where the municipality was tirelessly working towards achieving the clean audit. The report also found that the two municipal entities, Ugu South Coast Tourism and the Ugu South Coast Development Agency received a clean and unqualified audit respectively.

And having noted the Auditor General's comments, the leadership of the municipality re-affirmed its commitment to improving the quality of audit outcomes and that consequence management will be strictly applied where there is non-compliance with municipal regulations and other relevant pieces of legislation.

In preparation for the clean audit outcome in the next financial year, a consolidated corrective measures plan with time frames has been developed by the municipality which will seek to address and clear all the issues raised by the Auditor-general's report.​

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality