Apr 13
Ugu Municipality Website

​In this new era of technology, the opportunities for bi-lateral communication are seamless.  

Electronic media is one such opportunity. Notwithstanding the legislative compliance, the Municipality’s website must and should be simply informative and channel feedback communication. 

This medium of interaction must bring the local sphere of Government closer to the beneficiary communities. It should ultimately serve as a “one stop shop” to transact from the comfort of your home / office.  

It must be factual and create a platform for honest, open transparent and productive engagement and anger or despondency as understandable as it may be must be converted to achieve a positive impact.

Let us work together to create a website that is home to all of us, as we move Ugu forward.  

We accordingly invite you to join us to create an interactive website that can bring immense benefits to all our communities as we believe “Together we can Do More”.

As the Municipal Manager I will be hosting the MM’s blog and invite you to interact with my office in a positive and productive way so that together we can take Ugu forward. I am convinced that within our communities we have an abundance of expertise, experience and capacity that can be tremendous help to me and benefit all our communities.  

DD Naidoo