Nov 20
We remain committed to serving our community


Our endeavours to create a better life for the Ugu community continue through our unceasing efforts to master the provision of quality drinking water and access to sanitation. And also, creating an enabling environment for social and economic development, community participation and the coordination of public private players.


In the past few weeks, we have witnessed the community heed to a call once made by the late Mayor, Cllr Tolomane Mnyayiza where he called for more active citizenry where the community collaborates with the municipality to improve the district. Our district faced the toughest service delivery impediment because of an illegal work stoppage of our employees, vandalism and unauthorised tempering of our systems led to severe interruption to our core services, mainly water provision. When our efforts came short to ensure uninterrupted provision of water supply, we received tremendous support from different community organisations, the business sector and the community at large who intervened and assisted provide the affected customers with clean drinking water.

As the municipality and its Council, we are extremely grateful to these communities who did not turn their back on us in our time of need but instead collaborated with us and ensured communities had access to this basic right.

Water supply has been restored in most communities however, due to the fragility of some of our systems, a few communities remain unresolved. A team of our capable technicians are working around the clock to ensure that the remainder of the communities still encountering supply problems are reinstated as soon as possible. While efforts of full restoration are underway, we have an intensive water tankering programme for relief supply.


As the Municipality, collaboratively with Council, management and employees, we have a chunk of hard work ahead of us to build back the credibility of the Municipality and more importantly ensure that the district remains a credible and recommendable tourist destination that is.

As the Municipality, we commit to making all resources available and do everything possible to bring back the confidence of residents and holidaymakers alike in our district. We will have to make uncomfortable sacrifices for the betterment of the organisation.


We have devised long term solutions to address persistent water challenges and these plans require a budget of millions of rands for its successful execution. 

The Municipality has approached the KZN Departments of Water and Sanitation, Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Treasury to deal with the issues of funding for emergency projects to be implemented and ensure the water supply interruptions due to aged infrastructure and inadequate resources comes to a cease and the municipality deals only with unavoidable cases.

We will continue to promote working together to create an environment that is friendly, responsive, accountable, effective and efficient for our communities.​

Thank you,

Cllr Mondli Chiliza, Mayor Ugu District Municipality

Aug 23
We are committed to serving our community


NOW than ever before, Ugu District Municipality is committed to ensuring that its communities both in the urban and rural spheres of the district equally benefit from the Municipality’s services and special pragrammes designed to develop all communities.

It is important that I pronounce as the Mayor of Ugu District, my willingness to work together with all stakeholders of our district in moving district forward. This will enable us to find workable solutions for the diverse range of developmental challenges facing our district as we move towards our vision to create a place where everyone benefits equally from socio-economic opportunities and services.

Over the past few years, we have seen significant progress towards the provision of services to our communities and I believe that an in-depth assessment of our achievements over the past term will reveal a remarkable record of success. We are still as council conscious of the enormous developmental challenges facing our district.

I want to give you assurance that we are well aware of the issues that need to be addressed.  We will continue with the process to refurbish and replace our infrastructure networks and ensure that all residents have access to quality water and decent sanitation.

We shall also redouble our efforts to improve the quality of interaction with our residents and clients whether it is at the call centre, our social media pages or at our municipal offices. We will do so in the spirit of Batho Pele and both management and staff will be aware of the fact that they will be held accountable for the quality of their service delivery.

During the second quarter of this financial year, we will be going out to the communities under the Mayoral Izimbizos programme in pursuit of our residents’ service delivery expactations.

This legislative exercise forms part of our efforts to directly interact with our communities and enables us to measure our effeciency and effectiveness as the community providers. We therefore urge all communities to fully participate in these community engagements as they aim to assist us in shaping our developmental agenda.

We are now poised to move our District to a new developmental growth path. Our primary focus will remain firmly fixed on human development and on improving the quality of lives of our people across all local municipalities in the district.

We will continue to pay special attention to programmes that aim to alleviate poverty, widen the net of our expanded social package, address issues related to child-headed households and ensure creation of employment opportunities for all vulnerable groups.

Thank you,
Cllr Mondli Chiliza, Mayor Ugu District Municipality  

Aug 08
Happy Women’s Month


The 9th of August marks the commemoration of the National Women's Day in our country under the theme "The Year of OR Tambo: Women United in Moving South Africa Forward".  This month presents us with a moment to reflect and celebrate the achievements of women and their role in society.

Ugu District Municipality will continue to implement sustainable programmes for women empowerment by forming sustainable partnership with the public and private sector as well as with civil society. The scourge of unemployment and poverty affects everyone in our society, but we know that it is mainly women and children who bear most of the burden of these societal ills.

As the Municipality we are proud to have developed programmes tailored to empower women in general towards addressing the challenges faced by our women in our District of unemployment, poverty, and inequality. Through programmes such as the Poverty Alleviation initiatives, women can actively participate in economic activities of the district and acquire the necessary skills.

Throughout the month of August, our District in partnership with its local municipalities has planned a series of events focusing on various issues affecting women in our District and the country at large. The struggle for women emancipation can only be won through strong partnerships across civil society hence we call for the support of all stakeholders. And on behalf of Ugu District Municipality, I would like to salute all women for their selfless commitment in shaping our society and in building the nation. We are committed to advance the struggle for total emancipation of vulnerable groups through our various programmes within the Municipality

Wathint' Abafazi, Wathint' Imbokodo!

 Thank you,

Cllr Mondli Chiliza, Mayor Ugu District Municipality


May 31
Ugu Jazz Festival 2017- get your ticket now!!

​In 29 days, Ugu District Municipality in partnership with Cyassound Holdings will host the district's grandest annual music festival, the 11th edition of the Ugu Jazz Festival on 24 June 2017 at the Ugu Sports and Leisure Centre.


This annual music extravaganza promises the greatest entertainment of hardcore jazz repertoires from internationally acclaimed jazz legends such as Jimmy Dludlu and Ringo Mandlingozi and soulful afro soul music jams from the modern sounds in the music fraternity which include Amanda Black and Sandz amongst others.


Tickets are already on sale and available at Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers stores at R280 for general access, R350 for the Golden Circle and R1200 for VIP access. We have also made provision for limited pay parking space at the venue which is on sale at R150 per ticket.


The Ugu Jazz Festival has gained loyal patrons and we are extremely proud to announce that our ticket sales have enthusiastically improved and we anticipate a sold-out venue soon. We urge those who have not yet bought their tickets to do so now and be part of the district's pride and joy.


Over the years, we have witnessed a tremendous growth of this event and has permanently fixed itself in our annual calendar of events.  The Ugu Jazz Festival is now one of the highly-recognised economy boosters in the district. Through it, we have created temporary employment, given growth opportunities to young businesses and attracted business outside the boundaries of Ugu District. This is also one of many initiatives implemented by our Municipality to fight against thee triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality.


To ensure that our patrons have a pleasurable experience at the event whilst also ensuring that nearby residents are not inconvenienced in any way, certain roads will be closed during the and monitored by the Road Traffic Inspectorate, Ray Nkonyeni's Traffic Department and the South African Police Service (SAPS) to ensure easy access and to eliminate traffic congestion on the road. We will also utilise the usual park and ride services where patrons will be transported from the designated parking areas to the event venue.

Thank you,

Ugu District Municipality Mayor,

Cllr MA Chiliza

Apr 13
Ugu Municipality Website

​In this new era of technology, the opportunities for bi-lateral communication are seamless.  

Electronic media is one such opportunity. Notwithstanding the legislative compliance, the Municipality’s website must and should be simply informative and channel feedback communication. 

This medium of interaction must bring the local sphere of Government closer to the beneficiary communities. It should ultimately serve as a “one stop shop” to transact from the comfort of your home / office.  

It must be factual and create a platform for honest, open transparent and productive engagement and anger or despondency as understandable as it may be must be converted to achieve a positive impact.

Let us work together to create a website that is home to all of us, as we move Ugu forward.  

We accordingly invite you to join us to create an interactive website that can bring immense benefits to all our communities as we believe “Together we can Do More”.

As the Municipal Manager I will be hosting the MM’s blog and invite you to interact with my office in a positive and productive way so that together we can take Ugu forward. I am convinced that within our communities we have an abundance of expertise, experience and capacity that can be tremendous help to me and benefit all our communities.  

DD Naidoo