Aug 23
We are committed to serving our community


NOW than ever before, Ugu District Municipality is committed to ensuring that its communities both in the urban and rural spheres of the district equally benefit from the Municipality’s services and special pragrammes designed to develop all communities.

It is important that I pronounce as the Mayor of Ugu District, my willingness to work together with all stakeholders of our district in moving district forward. This will enable us to find workable solutions for the diverse range of developmental challenges facing our district as we move towards our vision to create a place where everyone benefits equally from socio-economic opportunities and services.

Over the past few years, we have seen significant progress towards the provision of services to our communities and I believe that an in-depth assessment of our achievements over the past term will reveal a remarkable record of success. We are still as council conscious of the enormous developmental challenges facing our district.

I want to give you assurance that we are well aware of the issues that need to be addressed.  We will continue with the process to refurbish and replace our infrastructure networks and ensure that all residents have access to quality water and decent sanitation.

We shall also redouble our efforts to improve the quality of interaction with our residents and clients whether it is at the call centre, our social media pages or at our municipal offices. We will do so in the spirit of Batho Pele and both management and staff will be aware of the fact that they will be held accountable for the quality of their service delivery.

During the second quarter of this financial year, we will be going out to the communities under the Mayoral Izimbizos programme in pursuit of our residents’ service delivery expactations.

This legislative exercise forms part of our efforts to directly interact with our communities and enables us to measure our effeciency and effectiveness as the community providers. We therefore urge all communities to fully participate in these community engagements as they aim to assist us in shaping our developmental agenda.

We are now poised to move our District to a new developmental growth path. Our primary focus will remain firmly fixed on human development and on improving the quality of lives of our people across all local municipalities in the district.

We will continue to pay special attention to programmes that aim to alleviate poverty, widen the net of our expanded social package, address issues related to child-headed households and ensure creation of employment opportunities for all vulnerable groups.

Thank you,
Cllr Mondli Chiliza, Mayor Ugu District Municipality