Jan 18
Our mission is to provide quality services to our communities


The new year comes with many resolutions of betterment in various aspects of life which include our personal lives, careers, families as well as our service commitment to our communities amongst others. And as an institution of local government that is mandated to provide nothing less than quality services to its communities, we remain resolute to ensuring that we become extra committed to ensuring we provide uncompromised water and sanitation services to our communities.

We just come from an unpleasant festive season specifically for the Northern parts of the district which suffered prolonged water supply interruptions. And it is only just recently we have been able to resolve this situation and ensured complete reinstatement of supply to these communities. This experience unveiled various areas that require our most urgent attention and adequately deal with the seemingly recurring service delivery challenges.

It is also a well-known fact that our municipality has inherited an infrastructure which was designed to only supply water to a minute number of households and while this may be, we continue to extend the provision of water to most communities.

We have over the years invested our resources on major infrastructure projects across the district whilst also responding to the glaring reality of ageing infrastructure. A pipe replacement program is in place and currently underway and we are resolute on our quest as a water authority to provide our residents with clean drinking water irrespective of whatever challenges we encounter along the way.

Soon we will be rolling out a programme of cleaning all our reservoirs as a matter of urgency to ensure that in a case where our supply systems reach very low levels, our communities are not subjected to discoloured water at any given time. We will be strengthening our adherence to the national drinking water quality standards.

These plans are in place and are currently being subjected to budget processes for implementation. And while this task at hand may be too big as communities who still need water and sanitation services are still many, we will remain committed to the course and forge ahead with our development agenda regardless of any challenges. ​

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality​